Use MacConkey plate to screen M13 recombinants?

Russell A. Maurer ram3 at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Sep 8 21:55:35 EST 1993

In a previous article, hu at (Zhixiang Hu) says:

>It is common practice to use MacConkey plates to screen pUC recombinants.
>I wonder that anyone has use these plate to screen M13 recombinants. If it
>works, does the top agar have to be MacConkey agar too? Please post your
>answer or email me.
I've never screened M13 recombinants this way, but the phage certainly make
plaques on MacConkey agar, so I expect it would work.  The top agar does
not have to be MacConkey to get the color reaction, but you will suffer
much less frustration if you use MacConkey top anyway (made up to half the
normal concentration).  The surfactants in the MacConkey mix make it very
difficult to wet the plates.  Ordinary top agar will tend to puddle up
instead of spreading evenly.  MacConkey top alleviates this.

Good luck!

Russ Maurer

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