Plasmid mini-prep purification for in vitro translation?

Leonard Bloksberg preissj at
Fri Sep 10 13:41:00 EST 1993

In Article <Pine.3.07.9309091414.A8373-a100000 at> "szsclark at HAMLET.UCDAVIS.EDU (Sonya Clark)" says:
> ... in vitro transcriptions and translations ... We have found that
> CsCl-purified plasmid will give the most efficient incorporations. 
> Standard mini-prepped plasmid DNA doesn't work.  (is there) a good
> easy method that gives really good transcription/translation rates?...
I haven't done any in vitro transcription yet, but I've been thinking about
doing some in the future.  Hence I am also very interested in the answer.  I
will add that I have heard rumors that DNA purified by Quiagen collumn works
very well for this purpose.  Does anyone out there have any experience with
this?  Thanks.
 			Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg

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