bisbenzimide CsCl gradients

mcgraw at BSCR.UGA.EDU mcgraw at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Fri Sep 10 16:26:47 EST 1993

Hello all,

We're trying to isolate an AT-rich fraction of DNA from the rest.  We read
that equilibrium density gradient centrifugation in the presence of 
bisbenzimide should work for this.  We tried it a couple of times with
no luck yet.  I figure we're making some kind of very basic mistake, but
we haven't figured it out yet.  So.  Is there someone out there who has
a lot of experience with this method?  We're not even seeing bands of any kind,
main or AT-rich at this point.  What are they supposed to look like?

Any comments, either to me directly or to the net, would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks.

Al McGraw
mcgraw at

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