Cloning large fragments

Ali Karami ali at
Fri Sep 10 06:05:58 EST 1993

In <2653rb$8k0 at> kramer at (joe kramer) writes:

>Hello all;

>   I need to make a multistep construction that approaches 
>30 kb.  I was wondering what hints,  help, and warnings
>y'all might have concerning such an undertaking.  Some
>of the questions I have are as follows:  

>Are pUC based vectors somewhat limited in their 
>ability to carry large segments...Is pBR better
>or is there something else.

>Are certain bacterial strains more or less disposed 
>for the task?

>Are there any tricks and rules-of-thumb concerning 
>ligations involving large inserts (20kb?)

>Joe Kramer

I think  Cosmids are more suitable fore cloning of large fragments.


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