anything that kills bacteria but not yeast?

Ron Emaus remaus at
Mon Sep 13 06:59:10 EST 1993

Michael Levin (mlevin at wrote:
:     Is there any agent that can be put in media which will discourage
: bacterial growth, but won't bother yeast? If you know of anything like
: that, please email mlevin at
: Mike Levin

Yeast love to grow at pH 4 - 4.5;  It's a very rare bacterium that will
tolerate such conditions.  I would question my sources if the media recipe
called for pH > 6.

Recall that women get yeast infections, not bacterial infections because
the vaginal environment is acidic.  Also note that they use "monistat" a
fungicide to retard yeast growth (not kill it).  Antibiotics are not used
to treat yeast infections.

--Ron Emaus
Former biochemist and grower of yeast.

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