Nested deletions with double stranded plasmids

William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
Tue Sep 14 09:17:28 EST 1993

>Hi guys...this is my first time on the network for a long time, so I hope
>everybody has lots of good advice!
>I have a 7 kb fragment I want to rapidly sequence and want to avoid either
>shot-guning or primer walking.  One solution appears to be make nested
>deletions enabling sequencing off a single universal primer.  I notice there
>are at least a couple of kits ou
>So....Does anyone out there have any experience with this technique (sucessful
>or otherwise!!).  What about the relative merits of S1 over the mung bean
>enzyme? How time consuming is the procedure?
>Is it worth the $$? Anything to pay paricular attention to, eg how easy is it
>to control the exo to get 
>a broad range of fragment sizes?
>Any answers gratefully received

I follow exactly the protocol described in Henikoff,S. (1987) Methods in
Enzymology, Vol. 155, p. 156-165.  It works great; the only variable seems
to be the rate of ExoIII digestion which you can check by agarose gel
electrophoresis (as described in the paper).

FYI:  My fragments are routinely cloned into pBlueScript and then
transformed into JM101.

Good luck,
Bill Morgan

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