Phosphor Imager - update

Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at
Wed Sep 15 16:36:08 EST 1993

To those who are still interested in the Biorad PhosphorImager:-

I visited Biorad UK on Monday for a demonstration of their PhosphorImager.
I must say that I was generally impressed and we will certainly be making
further investistigations.  I couldn't really investigate the hardware, but I
did get to look over the MS-Windows version of the operating system, which I
found to be true to the basic principals of Windows program design (I could
find my way around very easily).  I believe that a heavyweight PC is required
(486 with 16M RAM).  A Mac version is also available (needs high spec Mac).

I confronted the Biorad staff about the dispute going on between Biorad US and
University of Virginia (this made it into this newsgroup last month).
Basically, they new the story,  admitted that there had been some technical
problems with early installations, and claimed that there was also a fair dose
of internal University politics involved.  They also stated that the episode
is now more-or-less resolved.  I would appreciate hearing from the people
involved if this is indeed so.  This would help those of use who are **still**
considering ordering this machine from Biorad.
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