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Subject: Saran wrap
From: Martti Tolvanen, tolvanen at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
Date: 3 Sep 1993 12:56:54 +0300
In article <2674d6$h3h at kruuna.Helsinki.FI> Martti Tolvanen,
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>This may sound stupid, but as a non-American I have no idea what Saran
>wrap is. Ordinary household polyethylene wrap or some special lab
Having used both Saran Wrap and domestic Cling Film I find that the
latter gives me much better results when used to wrap wet gels for
autoradiography.  Saran is OK but many times in the past it has given me
nasty black lines all over my X-Ray wheras cling film seems to be more
reliable .... it also feels thinner which leads me to believe it might
stop less beta than Saran (or am I splitting hairs?)

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