Testing for mycoplasma contamination

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at chmeds.ac.nz
Wed Sep 15 19:06:57 EST 1993


I have a question about mycoplasma testing of mammalian cell cultures. I grow 
mouse ES cells, and it is critical to avoid mycoplasma contamination if these 
cells are to be returned to developing mouse embryos.

Does anyone have information about PCR tests for a range of common mycoplasma?
I understand that amplification of rRNA species, or something similar, can be
diagnostic for these things.  Ideally, I would like sequences for a pair of 
primers that are able to identify common mycoplasma contaminants in mammalian 
cell cultures.

I know about Hoechst staining methods, culture methods, and the GenProbe TC 
rapid detection system that uses nucleic acid hybridization with a tritiated 
probe, and I see that Stratagene also now sell primers for Mycoplasma PCR 

Any comments, information would be greatly appreciated, either by posting or 
by e-mail and I'll summarize for the net.


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