Dirk Bornemeier bornemd at aa.wl.com
Wed Sep 15 16:07:15 EST 1993

Jyothi Sookram (Sookram at gene.unp.ac.za) wrote:
: Hi .
: I am a postgraduate student who is currently trying to sex bovine 
: preimplantation embryos using the polymerase chain reaction. Since this is a 
: fairly new technique to us here in South Africa I would appreciate any 
: advice in executing this technique including hints on optimization or any 
: other little "magical trick" you would know to help provide good results.

:                           Thanks 

:                                JYOTHI SOOKRAM

I've never done this, but have a reference on it (for other reasons).
BIO/TECHNOLOGY Vol. 8, 1279, 1990.

Good luck,

Dirk Bornemeier

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