archives? What archives?

Christopher Carlson csc at
Fri Sep 17 15:31:01 EST 1993

>I don't think you can remove linear and oc DNA with this method.
Definitely true.

>> My problem is, Promega tells you the composition of
>> the lysis and wash buffers, but not the nature of the resin used in the
>> column step.  I was wondering if anyone out there knows what the resin is,
>> or if there are other (preferably inexpensive) resins that could be used to
>> bind plasmid DNA but let all the other stuff pass through.

>This topic has been discussed
>many times, so there's lots of stuff in the archives about it. Try you hand
>at Gopher.

Okay, I'd love to root through the archives, but I'm new to this and have
absolutely no idea of how to do so.  Is there someone feeling kind out
there who can post something telling we the neophytes how to do so?  

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