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Fri Sep 17 10:09:13 EST 1993

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> Recently I saw a posting referring to exonuclease ss sequencing which referred 
> to USB comments vol 18, #1, 1991 T7 phage Gene6 exonuclease. I haven't seen 
> this publication. Can anyone out there give me USBs email address?
> Thanks

Phoned up USB in the US and they say that they are e-mail ignorant.
They only have a snail-mail address and for you  down under it would be

Trace Scientific Pty.
P.O. Box 310
Clayton Victoria 3168
Auzzie Land

tel: 61-3-543-1255
fax: 61-3-543-6719

if you are interested the us fax no. is

fax: 1-216-765-5000  (you figure out dialing codes)

Happy cloning.

Martin Leach.

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