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> As the title implies, does anyone know of a good midi-prep protocol
> that is fast and inexpensive?  I recently tried one that was
> published in an April '93 issue of Biotechniques where the authors
> suggested using 40% PEG in 30mM MgCl2 to purify the plasmid DNA.
> However, everything worked for me until I got to this step and then
> I lost my DNA pellet.  I suspect that the concentration of PEG
> is too high and doesn't fractionate the DNA very well.  Any
> suggestions?
> Tony Kwan
> Department of Biochemistry, McGill University


We use Qiagen tip-500 columns


the affinity columns are a little pricey
but you can get Transfection pure plasmid DNA after approx. 4 hrs. (most of
this is spin time).

Martin Leach

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