tRNA to use as carrier

Mary Metzler, Plants, x8076 METZLER at ALA.BTK.UTU.FI
Tue Sep 21 05:10:14 EST 1993

Dear Netters,
	I am in the habit of using tRNA as carrier to co-precipitate
DNA with ethanol when the amounts of DNA are small. However, I seem
to be having trouble locating the correct stuff in a catalogue so
I can order more. Sigma labels it always as units rather than 
milligrams, and I would like it better if I could know how many
milligrams I was buying. Can anyone out there recommend a company
to order this from, and (if possible) a catalogue number?
	Thanks in advance,
	Mary Metzler
	University of Turku
	Turku, Finland
	Metzler at

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