T phage?

CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.myia CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.myia
Wed Sep 22 15:32:53 EST 1993

The story of the researcher who extracted phage from a letter turning down
his request for it has actually appearded it print. I read this many moons
ago when I was an undergrad. As I remember, it was a book written in the
late '60s on RNA phage, but I forget the title. The story went that the
researcher wrote to a competing lab asking for the phage, and the repy came 
back that they had run-out of that stock (!). Knowing that the phage was
highly stable, the researcher homongenised the letter in phage buffer and
plated it out on a lawn. He then wrote back to the lab who sent the letter
to thank them. Needless to say, the heros and villains in the story were
anonymous, and will probably remain so, but its still one of my favourites!


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