Gel imagers

fzestabr at fzestabr at
Wed Sep 22 12:25:36 EST 1993


We are considering buying a gel documentation and analysis system which
will take pictures of gels (all kinds) and autoradiographs. In addition we
would like to get a scanner and some software for reading in sequencing

My questions are

1. Does anyone have experience with their own imagers and scanners and
would recommend a particular company. We have had a demonstration of the
GDS 5000 from UVP life sciences. We were impressed with the demo.

2. In terms of scanners; UVP has a scanner and software which is designed
to scan the autorad and then with the software the user goes in a clicks
off the bsands to enter in the sequence. We have heard of other scanners
which will automatically enter the sequence. Does anyone have any
feeelings that one is better than the other and could you recommend a
particular brand?


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