Reuse of Large and expensive Qiagen columns

john peloquin peloquin at
Mon Sep 20 19:23:39 EST 1993

Does anyone have any experience reusing the large and EXPENSIVE columns
from Qiagen? I prepare plasmid for microinjection using these columns
instead of CsCl gradients and prefer them since there's a lot less
fussing around. However, the down side is the cost of the columns and I
hate to throw them out after only one use. I can't help but think that
they must be reusable given the proper storage conditions for purifying
the same plasmid later on. I've tried a preliminary experiment which
looks like they CAN indeed be reused, but I would like to hear from the
community at large as to the wisdom of such cheap behavior. Basicly, I
just stored the column at 4 degrees after eluting DNA and used the
charging buffer again just before I repurify. Perhaps there is a more
effective regeneration protocol out there for the resin in the column.
Again, it bugs me to throw away 28 bucks each time I use a Mega column,
especially since I'll bet there's about 50 cents of resin in the column.

miserly yours, John Peloquin

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