help: ligation xho1 problems

Andy McShea amcshea at
Wed Sep 22 22:03:54 EST 1993

	Wow! Why didn't I read this newgroup before! We have been having
exactly the same problems here in Boston and in my old group in Vienna, we
ended up getting so desperate that we just blunted our inserts into our
vectors. Especially ironic as we were pleased that we had managed to
kjnock out the xho-1 site in our vector and stick it in the cloning site!
I have also cloned with Xho-1 till I was blue in the face trying to get
genes into retroviral expression vectors.
	Has anyone tried the Pae R7I enzyme from Biolabs which is an
isoschizo of Xho-1 and pretty cheap, if wonder if this is such a pain in
the arse, or whether it works.
	Good to hear we are not alone.....!

		Happy cloning,


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