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Thu Sep 23 18:15:00 EST 1993

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peloquin) comments on Qiagen large and EXPENSIVE columns:

> Does anyone have any experience reusing the large and EXPENSIVE columns
> from Qiagen? I prepare plasmid for microinjection using these columns
> instead of CsCl gradients and prefer them since there's a lot less
> fussing around. However, the down side is the cost of the columns and I
> hate to throw them out after only one use. I can't help but think that
> they must be reusable given the proper storage conditions for purifying
> the same plasmid later on. I've tried a preliminary experiment which
> looks like they CAN indeed be reused, but I would like to hear from the
> community at large as to the wisdom of such cheap behavior. Basicly, I
> just stored the column at 4 degrees after eluting DNA and used the
> charging buffer again just before I repurify. Perhaps there is a more
> effective regeneration protocol out there for the resin in the column.
> Again, it bugs me to throw away 28 bucks each time I use a Mega column,
> especially since I'll bet there's about 50 cents of resin in the column.
> miserly yours, John Peloquin

We have adopted the miserly approach in my laboratory.  We reuse the Qiagen 
columns over and over unless they become clogged.  We also just seal the 
column with parafilm and store the column at 4 degrees after the elution step.
We have used them up to two months later.  If you make the same plasmid over 
and over again you can just keep using the same column until it clogs.  We 
are also trying a less expensive column from another company and I will 
report on our experience in the near future. I agree, it hurts too much to 
throw the Mega column out each time.  

another miser,

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