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Thu Sep 23 15:16:29 EST 1993

The European patent for the process of PCR has been granted to Roche (via 
Cetus). The patent for Thermus aquaticus YT1 DNA polymerase has only been 
granted in the US and I think Australia. I am not sure whether the
European application for the enzyme covers just the YT1 strain or all Thermus
sp. I believe that the final patent (if granted) could be substantially altered
from the original application say 4 years or so ago. 

I heard similar stories about BCL reps and also that an academic is possibly
being taken to court. I can only assume they have been running PCR* based 
diagnostic tests for commercial gain.

What will happen to companies selling unlicensed enzyme? It will depend on 
patents and probably how big a share of the market they have. 

I understood that NEB challnged the US enzyme patent based on the original 
Taq purification being in print but failed.
At the end of the day you only have so much consumable money so do you
use it all up in three months on licensed enzyme or go the whole year on
identical but unlicensed enzyme. 

I too will be at the Lab93 seminar. Maybe we can get the following seminar 
on patents/patent applications to go through the Roche patent with a toothcomb!


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