Reuse of Large and expensive Qiagen columns

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Thu Sep 23 14:20:12 EST 1993

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>I was told (& it may be in the manual) that the columns could be used 3-4
>times BUT on the same day. Then the resin is supposed to
>degrade/vanish/whatever. Probably there's some degree of performance loss
>so the company doesn't want to make rash guarantees. And more likely
>they're happier if you use a new one each time. I've used the the midi ones
>several times on the same day. The only problem I found was if the column

Given that the columns are basically ion-exchange why can't they just be 
cleaned like any ordinary column ie high salt, NaOH etc. Has anyone taken the 
column apart and autoclaved the resin? Do Qiagen gamma irradiate to provide 
them sterile?

I don't have any to try but for those who have what have you got to lose.

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