Beckman ultra tube heat sealer

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Thu Sep 23 11:57:37 EST 1993

In article <CDrGn3.9HI at>, darin at (Darin Obrien (IHG)) writes:
>Hi!  We used to have a Beckman ultracentrifuge tube hand-held heat sealer
>(model #348140).  Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore and we were told
>by Beckman that it is now obsolete.  They offer a cordless model (#358312)
>but want $230.  This thing is essentially a fancy soldering iron!  Does
>anyone know if there are any other companies which offer a suitable
>alternative or maybe a home-made alternative?
>Thanks much,

   Check with Nalgene.  I went out and bought a set of aluminum caps/
spacers for the heat-sealable tubes before I came upon the Nalgene crimp
tubes.  The price of a Nalgene crimper, tubes, and caps/spacers were less
than the cost of the Beckman caps alone.	-Peter
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