RNA structure prediction

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Sep 23 16:46:15 EST 1993

In <930922101416.685d at UTBC01.CM.UTEXAS.EDU> APPLING at UTBC01.CM.UTEXAS.EDU writes:

>We would like to try to predict the secondary structure of the 5' end of a
>rat mRNA.  Are there any good programs out there, and if so, where can we
>get one?  Thanks.



Check out some of Don Gilberts work on Macintosh versions of the Zuker 
predicition program "multifold". His Mac port is called "Mulfold" and 
can be obtained at our ftp site "iubio.bio.indiana.edu" which is also
accessible through most biology gopher servers.

Don also provides several programs for handling the graphic output from 
this prediciton, including "LoopViewer" which while quite rough, can 
eventually lead to some great graphics.


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