Silent ClaI sites - info ?: Dam-Methylase again

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> Does this apply exclusively to ClaI sites, or is there a list of
> additional restriction enzymes which act in an analogous way?
Well the New England Biolabs catalog lists:
AlwI, BclI, BsaBI, BspEI, BspHI, ClaI, DpnI, 
HphI, MboI, MboII, NruI, TaqI and XbaI  as
'blocked by overlapping Dam-Methylation' 

The reference the give is:

McClelland, M and Nelson, M, (1991); Nucl. Acids. Res. 19, 2045-2071

Probably such a table would be something to be included into the FAQ for this
group :-) (who is maintaining one, anyhow??), or is it already in it?

by the way, one possibility to overcome the dam-ned problems is to retransform
E.coli JM110 with your plasmid and prepare DNA from that for this particular
restrictions. JM110 is Dam- (and Dcm- (another of that nasty life-screwing-up
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