How to lower background of silver staining

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> Greetings to all, 
> Could anyone tell me how to reduce the background of silver 
staining in the 
> polyacrylamide gel? Which step or what regents is crutial for low 
> staining background?
> Please reply to me at huangbx at deakin.EDU.AU or to the 
> network. Thank you in advance. 
> With regards
> Bixing Huang
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> School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Deakin University, 
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Try Farmers reducer (should be available from good - semi 
professional- photoshops for B&W films; or mix by yourself: Dry 
mixture of 3g sodium thiosulfate, 1g Na-hydrogen carbonate and 6g 
K-ferricyanide; make final 0.5% solution).
After your last step wash gel 3x10 min in A. tridest.; soak gel in 
farmers reducer for 1-30 sec (be very careful - bands can disappear 
on prolonged incubation); wash gel 3x10 min in A. tridest.; dry.


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