Kaback hybridization

Ely Rabani rabani at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Fri Sep 24 06:10:54 EST 1993

Hello all,

I'm doing various heteroduplex work and someone who used to be
in this lab had good results with a "Kaback et al." protocol.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the reference
(in his files, notebooks, on medline...or anywhere else obvious.)
Does anyone know of this method (I think he may have gotten it off
the net....)

For that matter, if anyone has good protocols for getting both
single base mismatch and larger heteroduplexes (I suppose there
are ways to optimize desired products...) I'd be glad to see them.

Please send anything interesting by reply. If anyone asks, I'll
e-mail them a compilation of what I receive on this, and/or post it
to this group.

Thanks in advance,

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