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vernon VERNON at
Fri Sep 24 03:12:25 EST 1993

> From: Michael G. Walker <walker at>
> >...
> May I suggest that the database include BOTH known working and known
> non-working primers. It would be useful to know what has been tried
> that failed, and might lead to some understanding of what
> distinguishes primers that work from those that don't.
> .....>
> Even thow there is something true in it, I wasn't very excited. I'm
> afraid
> of overloading the database with 'J. of Irreproducible Results' like
> items.
> We might end up having so many trees, we wouldn't be able to see the
> forest.
> I wonder what other people in bionetland think of it. Please
> respond...
> Well, That's about it for tonight (9:20pm in Israel now :-)   ).
>Hope I'm doing right.....
>Cheers, Benny.

My feeling is that primers which do not work should be omitted from
the data base.  I think the database would be come cluttered with a
lot of useless primers.

Benny, I for one am looking forward to this data base.  Thanks for
putting in all the hard work to make it a reality!

Vernon Coyne

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