T phage?

Amy Teel amy at molbio.cbs.umn.edu
Fri Sep 24 08:30:35 EST 1993

CHALK at gr.forth.imbb.myia wrote:
: [stuff deleted]                                  The story went that the
: researcher wrote to a competing lab asking for the phage, and the repy came 
: back that they had run-out of that stock (!). Knowing that the phage was
: highly stable, the researcher homongenised the letter in phage buffer and
: plated it out on a lawn. He then wrote back to the lab who sent the letter
: to thank them. Needless to say, the heros and villains in the story were
: anonymous, and will probably remain so, but its still one of my favourites!
: 								Rod

Those of you interested in this story may want to read the FAQ for 
alt.folklore.urban (Urban Legends). It's usually around in alt.answers.
The folks on a.f.u who have discussed this one believe it to be untrue,
which disappointed me becuase it's one of my favorites too!


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