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IBELGAUFTS at de.mpg.biochem.vms writes:
>Trypane blue is used with a dye exclusion test to assay the viability of
>in tissue culture. Is there a similar test for Saccharomyces cerevisiae?
>trpan blue be used and if not what else? Any hints are welcome and I will
>summarise later.

Folks around here have used propidium iodide and fluorescein diacetate
(FDA) to look at viability of spores of entomophthoralean fungi (which
are even weirder than yeast! ;-) ).  Only dead cells will take up
propidium iodide, and they fluoresce orange-red in blue light; live cells
take up FDA and its hydrolysate, fluorescein, fluoresces yellow-green and
accumulates in the cytoplasm.  Use FDA by itself, if you want, but using
FDA and PI together makes for beautiful photographs!

A reference:
Butt, T.M., H.C. Hoch, R.C. Staples, and R.J. St. Leger. 1989. Use of
fluorochromes in the study of fungal cytology and differentiation. 
Exper. Mycol.  13 : 303-320.

Good Luck
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