RNA fingerprinting ? Noway, it is garbage!

Fri Sep 24 10:04:52 EST 1993

Hi netter!
I realy know how you feel about the exciting RNA fingerprinting. 
It is a science paper.  
Rember that I will not think about to send my paper to Science intil
they let me know they lost the responsibility in publishing such a misleading
Actually, there are at least seven (eight now) groups working on this kind of 
idea.  As I heard that all of them found lots of new genes.  I can believe it
but not the people working on this project.

The PCR is powerful.  This is my favor method.  I think this PCR proide a
chance for a big jumping in molecular biology.  Without PCR, I could not thick
about how the small or "poor" lab work on molecular biology.

But some people misunderstand the PCR.  This was a good example.

In Liang's paper, there are at least four big mistake (or I should say related
1. From the calculation, you can only get one or no band (DNA product) by each
kind of combination if we think there is 20,000 different genes are expressed
in a cell.  So how could the science paper said you could get hundreds of bands
on gel?  Is this PCR relaible? If the specificity is low enough, why PCR people
work everyday only with one or two bands.  It is probably true that the PCR is
affected by many factors.  To do a specific PCR or a Hundreds of bands PCR is
your choice.  I already waster one year time on the later.  Noway to ask me to
do more.  
2. People always think they find new genes.  Why new? Why so exciting?
I guess my answer about the two "new" gene is that because of the PCR is no
good, some junk is amplified.  When it is campared in computer, no known
sequence is published.  So it is "new".
3. In  Liang and Pardee's paper, why ther is no northern gel is shown to make
sure that some new bands is realy expressed differently.
4. I heard people find some old genes.  The ATPase, histone ... is different
expressed.  It is possible.  But my question is no the products themselves.  I
am thinking about if some one just input the oligo into the computer and
check such a possibility. 

   OK! I talked too much.  Sorry for some impolite words. This is due to my
feeling about my past year and a lot money and seeing there are a lot of young
students working day and night to get an answer about science.

    If any one like disscuss more, please tell me.  I have very good
relationship with many groups.  We can exchange our experience.

    If some one like me want to try the fast method.  Another paper published
on Science by the people from Cold Spring Harbor on genomic is a good idea,
which probably works for cDNA.

    Good Luck!

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