polyanion heparin

Byung-hoon Kim bhkim at kuccnx.korea.ac.kr.korea.ac.kr
Mon Sep 27 20:25:46 EST 1993

Dear Netters.
I'm planning to do chloroplast run-on transcription and I have read some
articles on the thesis. In one of those articles, I encoutered a reagent
called 'polyanion heparin', which was used as an RNase inhibitor.
I looked up some catalogues (SIGMA and ICN) and the Merk Index
But I can't find it anywhere.

Would you please help me to find what kind of reagent it is,
and how I can buy it.

BH.Kim (master course)
Moecular Biology Lab.
Dept. of Biology
Korea University
Seoul, Korea
E-mail : bhkim at kuccnx.korea.ac.kr


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