T phage? Summary (long)

Tue Sep 28 09:20:19 EST 1993

Following is a summary of responses to my question concerning 
large plaques contaminating a tobacco genomic library I purchased
from Clontech.  So far,  I haven't experienced any spread to other
bacteria in the lab.  I don't know if this is because I never opened
the contaminated plates and have reasonable sterile technique or if 
the phage are not the dreaded T1.  Clontech claims they do not have
problems with their libraries contaminated this way;  ie. they report
that they make filters and pick plaques from clean areas of the plate.
I chose to destroy the contaminated library, and Clontech is giving us 
a refund.

Many thanks for the responses,
Diana Horvath
ralston at rockvax.rockefeller.edu

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From: sre at al.cam.ac.uk (Sean Eddy)

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