Antibody to T7 Gene 10

Philip L. Carl plc at
Tue Sep 28 09:11:01 EST 1993

(Sorry, but this message has been garbled in previous transmission)
I have prepared polyclonal rabbit Ab to a T7 gene 10 protein fusion in the 
vector pGEMex1 (Promega).  In order to serve as a  control in my Western
blots I need to obtain an antibody against the parent T7 gene 10 protein
(or at least the 260 aa of it present in the Promega vector).  Novagen
sells an Ab against the first 12 aa of the gene 10 protein, but I wonder
if someone out there has made and could part with a small amount of Ab to
the 260 aa leader.  Thanks in advance for any help.

Phil Carl

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