Inosine in PCR?

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Wed Sep 29 20:42:10 EST 1993

>Hi everybody,
>may be that somebody has tried out using inosine in a PCR reaction, so as to 
>decrease the intrastrand interactions or maybe someone has tried something else
>for that matter.  If you have please let me know, aboutyour experiences.
>I am not sure, but I think inosine is a very inefficient substrate for Taq pol.
>but may be that is only partly true and depends on the 
>actual enzyme. 
>Any comments greately appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.

I haven't needed to do this myself yet but I hear that dazaG helps with
secondary structure in PCR (particularly sequencing PCR) just as it does in
normal sequencing reactions.  (I do know that Inosine in my hand's was
nowhere near as good as dazaG in sequenase reactions to prevent
compressions etc.)

Cheers, Klaus
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