Ligation-med. PCR: the "C" reaction

Vivian Miao vmiao at
Tue Sep 28 22:45:11 EST 1993

In article <CE14v3.B8p at>, mst at (Mitch Turker)
> I was wondering if anyone who does ligation-mediated PCR has any
> suggestions on getting the Maxam-Gilbert "C" reaction to work.  I
> work with genomic DNA (from tissue culture cells) and I can get the 
> "G" reaction to work most of the time.  I would assume that there is
> an impurity in the DNA that affects the hydrazine, but not the DMS.
> Peggy L. Bishop   Internet address is:  mst at

Do you know that it is the genomic DNA that is the problem, and not the
hydrazine itself?  (e.g. tested it on some nice clean cloned DNA)?

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