Promega's Silver Sequencing kit, opinions wanted.

mrege at mrege at
Wed Sep 29 15:21:03 EST 1993

Hello all,

My boss is willing to change our sequencing method (at the moment,
Pharmacia's dideoxy 35S) and try Promega's Silver Sequencing kit, basically
for two reasons: 1) it's non-radiactive and 2) it's cheap. I've had
some bad experiences with other Promega products, so I would like to
know opinions from experienced users before wasting time and money 
setting up any new procedure.

In essence: Is it reliable? Difficult to setup? How about the revealing
method? Need much DNA?......

Any hint or suggestion to:

josefina at

Thanks, I will post a summary.

Josefina Enfedaque
Dept. microbiologia - Facultat Farmacia
Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

Standard disclaimers: these opinions are mine (or so I think) - not 
from my supervisor or  this department.

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