Molecular Biologist/protein chemist (Ph.D) seeking a position

Kunapuli T. Madhusudhan kunapuli at
Wed Sep 29 20:39:31 EST 1993

		I am a Ph.D. in Science and am seeking a research or
management position in industry/government/private.  I am a US permnanent
resident and have no geographical preferences.  I am interested in basic
research with specifica applications or applied research in the areaa
of product development or improvement or process development.  I 
obtained Ph.D. in protein chemistry in 1986 and worked as a postdoc
in Israel in chicken pancreatic enzymes for clinical use for two years
(until 1987).  Since 1987, I have been working in the area of mol.
biol. (prokaryotic and eukaryotic).  I have a total of 18 research
publications and I want to use my talents for the industry or govt or
private sectors.  Please e-mail to Kunapuli at or call
me 405-271-2446 (pl. sak for Madhu).

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