Long PCR by FTP

Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D. barnes at BIODEC.WUSTL.EDU
Fri Apr 1 12:22:13 EST 1994

Up to 35 kb PCR   2d sending to net, the first one not having posted.
From: "Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D." <barnes at biodec.wustl.edu>
To: Juleen.Cavanaugh at anu.edu.au
Subject: 4 files for you on WUarchive

Dear Juleen and others on far flung continents who can't wait for their 
March 15 PNAS to read about Long and Accurate PCR,

     Well it only took a couple of minutes to get some files ready for you 
here, already.  You can FTP to WUARCHIVE.wustl.edu    or to

Login as anonymous with your email address as password.
cd packages
cd la
get   one of the following files:
lapaper.wp     = wordperfect 6.0 format
lapaper.wp5    = wordperfect 5.1
lapaper.zip    = zipped up wp 6.0       For these last two, you need PKunzip
lapaper5.zip   = zipped up wp 5.1

     I'll leave them there for about 3 months.  Only 1 gel photo is 
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