Site directed mutagenesis

Abiye Iyo aiyo at
Fri Apr 1 23:27:06 EST 1994

 Dear netters,
 	I have finished sequencing a cellulase gene and the translated
 sequence when aligned with some other cellulases in the same family show
 some "putative" conserved residues in the family.  I have been thinking of
 what next to do with this sequence and I thought changing some of the so
 called conserved residues might be fun.  The idea is to see how these
 changes would affect certain characteristics of the enzyme.
 	So I am looking for a relatively straight forward method I could
 use to alter some of these residues.  I had read a paper in which they
 used  "a unique restiction enzyme site elimination technique" with a kit
 from Clonetech laboratories.  The method seemed very straight forward but
 I thought I should just ask in case someone out there may have used it. 
 If yes could you just give me some insights ?  And if there are other
 simpler methods one can use I'd welcome any suggestions.
 	You my want to send replies to me.  My email address
 is aiyo at

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