Do you know where I can find E. coli GC6??

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>Subject: Do you know where I can find E. coli GC6??
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>Greetings Fellow Netters,
>       In liu of a Microbiology discussion group (which I heartily endorse),
>I am posting to see if anyone knows where I can find,either commercially or
>from another investigator, E. coli GC6.  This strain is supposedly used for
>cloning DNA from other prokaryotic species.  If you can help, please post to
>the net or e-mail me directly.  Thanks.

>Christine Ward
>Virginia Tech
>cvmckw at

I made a strain GC6 several years ago.  It is a recA derivative of GC1 which 
was used for years to clone genes from Neisseria.  This strain worked when 
others would not because it has undocumented mutation(s) in one or more of the 
mcr loci and did not restrict cytosine methylated DNA.  Now there are many 
strains that have all of the mcr loci (and the mrr gene) inactivated.  New 
England Biolabs has a large collection of strains that they can send you (It 
was for free so if they want to charge you, I can send a few).  Also, we now 
use HB101 since it is missing most of the activities.  I hope this helps.   Oh 
yeh, if you still want GC6 I can send it.
Hank Seifert
Northwestern University

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