Superpolylinker vectors-source?

ed beaty ed_beaty at
Mon Apr 4 16:06:30 EST 1994

Hi, again...

I've been trying to find a source for two vectors which contain the
Superpolylinker described by J. Brosius (DNA 8,759-777).  Basically, this
is a synthetic 300-base or so polylinker that has ALL the possible 6-base
restriction sites in it.  In his paper, he describes two derivatives,
pSL190 and pSL180, which are just pUC19 and pUC18 with a superpolylinker
cloned into it.  I've tried unsuccessfully to contact Dr. Brosius, and was
wondering if anyone else out there knows of another source of these
plasmids.  Invitrogen Corp. sells some other derivatives containing a
different superpolylinker, but not the pUC derivatives.  Alternately, if
anyone knows how to directly contact Dr. Brosius, I'd greatly appreciate
the information.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Ed Beaty
Ed_Beaty at

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