Re; address of ab Peptides

FrohlichM frohlichm at STARBASE1.CALTECH.EDU
Tue Apr 5 17:01:28 EST 1994

Martin Leach asks for the address of Ab Peptides.  It is:

Ab Peptides, Inc.
6272 Marmaduke Ave.
St. Louis Mosouri  63139

Tel: 314 644 1700   or outside St. Louis   800 383 3362
FAX:  314 644 2100

I ordered by FAX on Fri and got Klentaq1 and KlentaqLA enzymes today (Tues). 
They were also very helpful in answering my questions.  

I sure hope this long PCR works for me; it would save so much time!

Michael Frohlich

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