Where is Kevin Jones

Hank Seifert h-seifert at nwu.edu
Tue Apr 5 12:13:44 EST 1994

I received three plasmid derivatives of my vector pHSS6 several years ago from 
Kevin Jones.  The plasmids are called: pHSX, pHXK, and pHFK, and they all have 
the same backbone as pHSS6 (2.2 kb, Kmr, high copy #) but have a variety of 
new cloning sites in the polylinker.  We are about to publish a paper using 
one of these vectors and would like to reference them correctly.  I think this 
Kevin Jones worked with Drosophila, possibly in the Rubin lab.  Does anyone 
on the net know his location and/or email address?
Hank Seifert
Northwestern University
(312) 503-9788 

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