Two-promoter expression vector

Brian Foley brianf at
Sun Apr 3 19:01:57 EST 1994

Mendell Rimer (rimer at Leland.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Hi there!
: 	I am looking for eucaryotic expression vectors that carry two
: promoters for the production of two gene products simultaneously. Does
: anybody has one available out there or knows of a commercial or academic
: source for it? E-mail to Rimer at  appreciated. Thanks in
: advance,
: M. Rimer
: Dept. of Neurobiology
: Stanford University School of Medicine
: Stanford, CA  94305-5401.

	Any expression vector with a eukaryotic selectable marker will
have two promoters; one to drive the production of mRNA from the
selectable marker gene and the other to produce mRNA from the
gene you insert into the MCS.  
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