(none) (formaline profused tissue RNA)

Alexandra hlai at MEDINFO.AB.UMD.EDU
Tue Apr 5 09:38:45 EST 1994

IMHO, formaldehyde is not an efficient RNAse inhibiter so the RNA isolated would be largely degraded in quality and small in quantity. As I know, most people would chop tissues into small pieces and lyse with guanadium cyanate or even make use of liguid nitrogen and mantle into powder so that degradation is eliminated as much as possible. (For protocols, prefer to the RED BOOK, CURRENT PROTOCOLS) Nevertheless, it is also tissue dependable. For instance, pancreas are rich in RNAse so demanding special treatment. There are kits commercially available that you might want to check them out. Try Pharmacia, Promega and etc.

Good luck!
Hsing-Tsu Lai
pathology UMAB
hlai at cosy.ab.umd.edu

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