Sequencing Gel adheres to both plates

Michael van Waes bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU
Wed Apr 6 10:54:01 EST 1994

>Dear Netters,
>	We are now working on nonradioactive, silver DNA sequencing
>system. Our gel must be firmly stick to the short plate and not peel off
>during silver staining process. Our problem is the adhering of
>polyacrulamide gel oftenly occur to both plates.  Perhaps our long glass
>plate might be contaminated with Bind-silane from the short plate.  We do
>wipe excessive binding solution (Bind-silane) from the short plate, we do
>apply Sigmacote solution on the long plate, we also clean our plates with
>Windex cleaner. However, this problem still repeatedly strike us. Is 
>there anyone out there could help me to solve this problem? 
>Wasun Chantratita, Ph.D.                        Phone:053-221122 Ext 5086,5068
>Department of Clinical Microbiology             Fax:  053-221890 
>Chiang Mai University
>Chiang Mai 50200
 I may be wrong, but IMHO, it's how you clean the plates. In our lab, 
 some people were so consistent at getting their gels stuck that they
 switched to filter paper transfer. Only those of us who very seriously
 scrubbed the plates with a plastic sponge, soap and lots of warm water
 followed by multiple ethanol wipes have had our plates turn out OK.
 Just in case, I added one step of washing with 1M NaOH and water rinse 
 before the EtOH wipes.
 If tht doesn't work, I don't know what it is that makes my gels not stick

 Good Luck!
					Michael vW.

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