Used equipments

Janis Eisaks eisaks at
Wed Apr 6 10:52:42 EST 1994

Dear Colleagues,

We are now searching for some aid to provide our student
laboratories with some second hand equipment. If you have some old
equipment that will be replaced by a new one, may be you can
consider the possibility of donation. We are very interested in
modules from HPLC or GC instruments, vacuum pumps, refrigerators,
UV or fluorescent spectrofotometers, vacuum evaporators, any other
stuff usable in laboratories of bioorganic chemistry and
biochemistry. We would highly appreciate receiving your help.

If you would like to help please contact:
Dr. Andris Gilis
Faculty of Chemical Technology
Riga Technical University
Azenes 14/24, Riga LV-1048, Latvia
Fax +371-2-8820378
E-Mail eisaks at

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