Rat cDNA library

Bengt Widegren Bengt.Widegren at wblab.lu.se
Wed Apr 6 04:53:39 EST 1994


Could anyone out there please tell me where I can get a good Rat cDNA
library from spleen or an equivalent tissue (lymph nodes etc). I bought a
spleen cDNA library from Clonetech but this was very poor (catalogue #
RL1050a). I screened 5x105 plaques and for one gene I only got one
positive (which later showed to be a truncated clone) and for another
gene I didn!t get anything. I sreened the library with actin and got
below 0.1 percent positive clones. Clonetech was not exactly helpful,
they just adviced me to screen 5x106 plaques instead.  

So If anyone out there have or have knowledge of such a library please
contact me. My E-mal is Bengt.Widegren at wblab.lu.se


Bengt Widegren,
Dept of Tumor

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