need source for Xca I restriction endonuclease

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Mon Apr 4 08:49:20 EST 1994

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> >Does anyone know a commercial source for the restriction enzyme Xca I?
> >If so, please let me know. Thanks.
> There is a review article with about a zillion restriction enzymes and relevant
> info including commercial sources (Gene 92:1-248, 1990 Kessler and Manta).

You won't find it in the review I bet. XcaI was identified here at NEB but
it was inactivated by salt conc. greater than 50 mM. We could not purify it
except by gel filtration and then the conc. of enzyme got down to 200 U/ml
and there were still contaminating nucleases. Would you want to sell an
enzyme like that?
We didn't. I used it to put linkers in the single site in pBR322 but it
took o/n digestions. Bst1107 I from NEB via Fermentas is a much nice

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