Oligo. programs

John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Wed Apr 6 22:00:48 EST 1994

	You haven't said what platform you want the software to run on! 
If you are using Mac, then you might want to consider the public domain 
program Oligo wich I have found to be a bit abstruse but useful none the 
less.  It is available by anonymous ftp from ftp.bio.indiana.edu in (as i 
remember) pub/molbio/mac and  does a good job of suggesting possible 
false priming sites and dimers, etc. The melting points are in my 
experience very unreliable, however, and need fine-tuning by the 
user...but I'm not sure if I would really trust any software on that.
	If you need more info or have trouble locating it, let me know 
and I could uuencode and send you a copy.

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